Loaf of sourdough bread in paper bag
Make A Lighter Loaf of Sourdough With One Clever Flour Tip
Great sourdough bread has a crisp bite, with air pockets that make it light. To make your own consistently airy sourdough, soak your flour in water before baking.
This mixture produces something called an autolyse. It creates enzymes called protease that make the dough stretchier and thus simpler to knead and develop air pockets.
The technique also helps to jumpstart the production of gluten, leading to more flavorful bread that's easier to work with and doesn't have to be mixed as long.
For the best results with your autolyse, high-protein flour helps the bread with structure and rising. Autolyse the flour for anywhere from 15 minutes to one hour.
It may need to stay for up to two hours with whole wheat flour, or even 12. With all-purpose flour, decrease the flour's soak time to under 30 minutes and use less water.