Small dish of banana pudding with wafers and whip topping
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Magnolia Bakery's Iconic Banana Pudding Uses An Instant Mix
Sneaking an unexpected ingredient into desserts is fun for both the baker and the recipient, especially when the addition seems very humble and not-so-upscale, but elevates the treat into something worth a five-star review. New York City's famous Magnolia Bakery uses this kind of secret weapon in their fan favorite banana pudding.
Instant pudding mix doesn't seem like it belongs in an expert pastry chef's pantry, but countless professional bakers use it for a boost of flavor and nostalgic appeal in their desserts. Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding includes vanilla instant pudding mix to evoke a comforting emotional response that is deeply rooted in childhood nostalgia.
The pudding mix also clearly plays a part in making the banana pudding delicious, since this dessert accounts for 30% of Magnolia Bakery's sales; impressive, when you consider that their main focus is actually cupcakes. Instant pudding mix also features in the bakery's chocolate trifle, lemon tiramisu, and "death by chocolate" cake.