Two crab cakes on a plate topped with sauce, cucumber, and lemon
Louisiana Crab Cakes Vs Maryland: What's The Distinction?
Crab cakes are an all-American creation, but depending on where you are — from Louisiana to Maryland — there are differing opinions on what makes proper crab cake.
While the Maryland style prioritizes crab with chunks of meat and few additions, the Louisiana version uses shredded crab and flavorful additions for a more homogenous patty.
Maryland crab cakes are made of chunks of crab meat, specifically Maryland blue crabs, mixed with a bit of egg, breadcrumbs, and sometimes, mayo, Old Bay spice, and parsley.
Maryland crab cakes can vary from "restaurant" style with large chunks of crab and few binders to "boardwalk" style with more binder, less crab, and a crunchy breading.
Louisiana crab cakes use shredded blue crab from the Gulf of Mexico with eggs, breadcrumbs, Cajon or Creole spice, and occasionally mayonnaise, onion, bell pepper, or celery.
While Maryland crab cakes are first refrigerated and then either pan-fried or broiled, the Louisiana version is dredged in breadcrumbs or cornmeal and fried in oil until crunchy.
In Louisiana, crab cakes are served with a rich and spicy yet tart Creole remoulade, while Maryland crab cakes are served with creamy, vinegary tartar sauce.