Hand pointing at menu item
Look To The Menu For One Of A Steakhouse's Huge Red Flags
To get an idea of whether or not the steakhouse you're dining at serves quality steak, check if the menu provides details about it. A lack of this info can be a bad sign.
A good steakhouse with quality meat will have a descriptive menu that explains what type of meat is used, what grade it is, and where it comes from.
It shows that the culinary team takes steaks seriously and has a deep understanding of different flavors and textures. When there's no detailed info on the menu, it's a red flag.
Not describing all the important info, especially about the steaks themselves, might mean that the quality of the ingredients, and the general quality of the restaurant isn't good.
There are exceptions to this menu rule, such as steakhouses with proprietary butchering practices or rotating menus, where you should ask your server to share more information.