Two raw slices of coulotte roast
Look To The Coulotte Roast For Maximum Juiciness And Flavor
An underrepresented piece of beef is the coulotte roast. It’s a large, flavorful cut that comes from the sirloin cap near the upper rear portion of the cow.
The cut itself is a triangular-shaped muscle with quite a bit of intramuscular marbling. Its defining feature is its pronounced fat cap.
The coulotte roast's fat cap is unique and contributes much to the flavor while keeping the meat moist while cooking. This also lends to a rich and deeply flavorful experience.
Whether it’s cooked in an oven, roasting pan, or grill, coulotte roast is generally served medium rare to allow for maximum juiciness and for its beefy flavor to shine.
Finding a coulotte roast is not simple. It may be time to make friends with your butcher at the grocery store or a specialty shop, as they can often reserve the cut for you.