Dark vinegar in a small glass bottle on mat-like surface
Look To Black Vinegar To Give Desserts An Umami Boost
Chinese-style black vinegar has plenty of uses, but you may not think of adding it to desserts. The vinegar provides a contrasting savory flavor with a hint of its own sweetness.
Black vinegar is less tart than sherry vinegar but less sweet than balsamic. Its sweet, tart, and umami flavor boosts desserts with a pungent and aromatic kick.
Balance the strong black vinegar with milder desserts that let it shine. Try mixing it with honey and drizzling over cheesecake, or add it to crispy peanut butter cookies.
You can even make a decidedly savory icing with vinegar, Ovaltine, and vanilla extract. Or, roast Anjou pears and drizzle with warm black vinegar instead of balsamic.