A person reaches into a heavily stocked pantry.
Look No Further Than Your Pantry To Add More Taste To Sandwiches
Sandwiches can be straightforward, like a classic ham and cheese, or wild, like Chicago's Italian beef sandwich that's loaded with beef, giardiniera, and au jus.
Provided you keep your pantry well stocked with a bevy of interesting staples, you should have no trouble adding layers of texture and flavor to your sandwiches.
Look for things that will bring great flavor to your sandwich — condiments like pickles or roasted red peppers yield savoriness and go well with ham, turkey, and roast beef.
Spicy relishes will liven up your sandwich and add another dimension, while mayonnaise, mustard, and olive oil are American household staples that bring more flavor.
Grab items like kimchi and various salsas from the international aisle at your grocery store, and consider jarred pesto to give a Caprese sandwich an extra garlic and basil kick.
Salad dressings are also a great alternative to spreads like mayonnaise. Mix in a little Caesar dressing into your tuna salad for an umami hit.
Don't be afraid to get a little creative with your pantry choices, and take your time to build up a good repertoire of flavorful staples you like.