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Liven Up Your French Onion Soup With Smoky Poblanos
Cold weather practically demands the comforting warmth of stews and soups, such as the classic Parisian dish of French onion soup. Made with sweet caramelized onions, rich broth, baguette, and Gruyère cheese, this soup already seems perfect, but lovers of spicy food will want to try this smoky addition to the pot.
Food & Wine has reported on the addictive French onion soup served at the restaurant Tzuco in Chicago, Illinois; their recipe uses charred poblano chiles for layers of deliciously smoky and spicy flavor. To try adding these peppers to your own recipe, start by charring and steaming the peppers whole while your onions caramelize.
Once the peppers are done, clean them, cut them into strips, and add them into the soup before bread and cheese are placed on top. The poblanos, which are green peppers common in Mexican cuisine, are best when roasted to bring out their flavor, and they add just a little vegetal heat and a lot of complex, charred goodness to your soup.