Starbucks iced coffee with a bunch of coffee beans around it
Level Up Your Starbucks Cold Brew This Fall With A Pumpkin Butter Twist
If you prefer iced coffee over hot, you can still enjoy a perfect fall drink from Starbucks by ordering something similar to a pumpkin spice latte: a pumpkin butter cold brew.
Start by ordering a grande pumpkin cream cold brew. You’ll want to replace the standard two pumps of vanilla syrup with three pumps of white chocolate mocha sauce.
You’ll also add two pumps of cinnamon dolce syrup, one pump of chai, and cinnamon powder on top. This gives you a cold coffee with the flavor of a rich pumpkin butter spread.
If you want something a bit different, you can experiment with adding brown sugar syrup, cinnamon dolce sprinkles on top, or extra cinnamon powder.
For something more creamy, you can request a splash of milk or your milk replacement of choice. However you like it, this tall drink of pumpkin butter flavor is sure to please.