Hot dogs with cheese on a cutting board
Level Up Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs With A Cheesy Twist
Draping a strand of smoky bacon around a hot dog is a great way to add more flavor, but stuffing them with cheese will give them a touch of umami and a velvety texture.
Cheese strings or sticks are an ideal option for hot dogs given their size and shape. Anything works flavor-wise, as long as it melts.
You could use grated cheese, but keep in mind that this can be messier and lack the same degree of oozy goodness as a strand of snacking cheese.
In order to stuff hot dogs, cut the wieners lengthwise about halfway through. Once the hot dogs have been stuffed, the next part of the equation is wrapping them in bacon.
Score your hot dogs beforehand to not only ensure even cooking and prevent any warping, but to also allow bacon juices to seep further into the hotdog once wrapped.
If you notice your bacon unraveling, stick a toothpick on either end to keep things in place until the bacon has crisped up and the hot dogs are ready to be pulled from the grill.