breakfast burrito with eggs and peppers
Level Up Any Fast Food Breakfast Burrito With A Simple BBQ Hack
After you grab a fast food breakfast burrito, head to your favorite barbecue spot to up the ante. Order a few slices of brisket to add to your burrito for a richer flavor.
The meat will likely be more succulent than the original sausage from the fast food joint, and barbecued meat tends to pair well with the other ingredients in a breakfast burrito.
If you feel the brisket would overpower the meat that’s already in the breakfast burrito, feel free to remove whatever meat it has, or just order your burrito without meat.
Take advantage of your fast food or barbecue restaurants' little extras, like picking up a side of barbecue sauce, ketchup, or honey mustard dipping sauce to add to the burrito.
This BBQ hack is also perfect for the morning after you get barbecue takeout — just pick up a fast food breakfast burrito and then incorporate your still-tasty leftovers.