Steak in a cast pan skillet
Lemon Is The Secret To Flavorful, Melt-In-Your-Mouth Steak
The ideal steak is juicy, flavorful, and tender enough to melt in the mouth. A lemon juice marinade can help achieve that by breaking down the meat proteins with its acidity.
As the proteins in the steak break down in a process called "denaturing," the meat develops a softer bite, cooks faster, and requires less heat to reach perfection.
A shorter cooking time also means that the meat loses less moisture while exposed to high heat, resulting in a succulent cut that's as moist and juicy as it is tender.
To incorporate lemon into your steak dish, soak the meat in a tenderizing marinade of lemon juice and seasonings for a few hours, then move the steak to the flame.
You can also squeeze more lemon onto the cooked meat for a mouthwatering bite. Its zesty acidity increases salivation in the mouth, so your taste buds perceive more flavor.