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Leather Britches: The Velvety Green Bean Preparation You Should Try
Preserving green beans for later use involves methods like freezing, pickling, or drying, the latter of which will preserve them indefinitely. Green beans preserved in this way came to be called leather britches because of their dried-out look, and when cooked, take on a flavor that’s unlike any other green bean dish out there.
To make leather britches, green beans are strung with a needle and thread before hanging them to dry; any green bean will do, but the flatter, wider beans are easiest to string. Be sure to leave a space between each bean for better airflow and make sure they’re completely dried before you freeze them or store them in a sealed container.
When simmered, the dried green beans take on an umami profile that creates a velvety mouthfeel. Of their flavor, Appalachian authority Ronni Lundy says, “The flavor is not like another bean dish that I know of because of what happens with the shell when it dries and then cooks — it really is a unique flavor.”