Pork carnitas tacos on a cutting board with onion and cilantro
Lean Ground Beef Will Offer Your Street Tacos A Crispier Texture
One of the perks of making street tacos at home is that you can customize it with your favorite protein, like lean ground beef, which cuts out the grease for a crispier texture.
Since lean meat excretes less fat, you won't have to drain as much liquid from the pan. As a result, the meat will caramelize, giving the tacos a crispier texture and deep flavor.
Opt for lean ground beef that's 92% lean/8% fat or higher. If you order from a butcher, get lean cuts like top or bottom round roasts, top sirloin, and chuck shoulder.
Cook your ground beef over medium-high heat without the inclusion of oil or butter. Once cooked, use it to fill warmed corn tortillas.