Lasagna with mince beef meat and tomato bolognese sauce on a plate. Black background. Top view.
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Lasagna Needs To Rest Longer Than You Might Expect
Lasagna is one of the ultimate craveable comfort dishes, but what’s not craveable is a pan of lasagna that turns into a liquidy mess when you cut it. The usual cause is not allowing the lasagna to rest long enough after cooking, so to help prevent a loose and runny casserole, you'll need to let it sit for quite a while.
Before cutting lasagna, it's recommended to let it sit for 20 to 40 minutes, so it cools a bit and becomes firm enough to hold its shape without losing any filling. If you’re in a time crunch, 20 minutes is an acceptable amount of time to wait, but the magic time is somewhere closer to 30 minutes, so do your best to be patient.
Thirty minutes is enough time for the ingredients to solidify, but not enough time for the lasagna to cool to the point where it's lukewarm, so don't worry about it getting too cold to eat during resting. As an additional bonus, you won’t need to worry about a slice of lasagna sliding off your spatula as you try to place it on a plate.