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Lamb Vs. Mutton: What's The Difference?
Around the world, pork, beef, and poultry are the most commonly consumed types of meat, but in many countries, the holidays mean that lamb is a must-have on the dinner table. However, you may wonder about the difference between lamb and the much less common mutton, since both types of meat come from sheep.
Mutton is butchered from sheep that are older than one year, while lamb comes from sheep that are younger than one year, resulting in more lean and tender meat than mutton. However, mutton is less expensive than lamb, making it a perfect option for those who love the flavor and heartiness of lamb, but have trouble affording it.
According to Delighted Cooking, mutton is good in well-spiced stews and curries because the meat is tougher, fattier, tastes more robust, and requires slow-cooking to become tender. Lamb is much more delicate and quick-cooking; American Lamb recommends roasting or grilling lamb, and don't overwhelm it with strong flavors.