Bowl of fried chicken
Labneh Is The Creamy Secret Ingredient For Next Tier Fried Chicken
Fried chicken is popular the world over, and adding labneh, a Middle Eastern staple, can be the ultimate secret to improve any fried chicken recipe from almost any culture.
Labneh is a rich dairy product somewhere between soft cheese and yogurt. It's a thick and creamy spread that is traditionally enjoyed plain as a dip.
Many fried chicken call for soaking the meat in a buttermilk bath, which will tenderize it due to the lactic acid in the dairy product. Labneh also has high amounts of lactic acid.
Labneh is not only the perfect tenderizer for chicken, but since it’s thicker and creamier, it will hold onto a flour or batter coating better than buttermilk does.
Moreover, since lactic acid also acts as a leavening agent, labneh will help create a thick and fluffy outer crust while keeping moist, tender meat within.
To add more Middle Eastern flair to your dish, make a marinade of labneh, hot sauce, and spices, and let the chicken soak for a few hours or overnight before frying it.