Honey dripping on a honey dipper.
Lab-Made Vegan Honey Could Help Preserve The Global Bee Population
Global bee populations are on the decline, which will affect our future consumption of honey. However, there are companies like MeliBio that are producing lab-made vegan honey.
Vegan honey companies infuse the natural taste of honey into their lab-made creation utilizing plants that honey bees frequently pollinate, like chamomile and sumac.
The pure sugars of these plants are then combined with the essential compounds in honey to create something that tastes pretty much like the real thing.
As much as climate change and loss of habitat threaten the existence of honey bees, the biggest potential harm is our overreliance on honey bees for honey.
Lab-made vegan honey may not directly solve the global decline of bee populations around the globe, but it will reduce the load of honey bees.
Like actual honey, lab-made vegan honey also contains vitamins and antioxidants. It's also safe for babies to eat because it lacks the toxic compounds found in honey.