GENERAL INFORMATION: Kari Lie makes Kransekake, a Norwegian wedding cake.

IN THIS PHOTO: Bloomington, Mn., Weds., May 8, 2002--Kari Lie's Kransekake, a Norwegian wedding cake with many layers.  She has decorated it with flags and English crackers.(Photo By JOEY MCLEISTER/Star Tribune via Getty Images)
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Kransekake: The Whimsical Cake You Can Hide A Bottle Of Champagne In
Norwegian kransekake is an impressive dessert of 18 cake "rings" stacked on top of each other, creating a captivating centerpiece at weddings, birthdays, holidays, and more. Partygoers even hide objects inside the hollow center of the cake, and the hidden treasure may be cookies, chocolate, candies, or even a whole bottle of champagne.
Kransekake isn’t sliced like a regular cake, especially when served at weddings; instead, newlyweds will play a game of cake Jenga, removing rings from the top of the cake to reveal what’s inside. In Finland, a bottle of champagne is often hidden in the center of the cake, and the bubbly is then used to make a toast to the new couple.
The dough for kransekake is made of ground almonds, powdered sugar, egg whites, and flavorings, and the cake's icing is made with sugar, vinegar, and egg whites. When baked, the cake "rings" gain a crisp outer layer and a soft and chewy inside, and special baking pans are the easiest way to form the hoop-shaped layers.