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Korea's Super Satisfying 'Tornado' Omelet Technique
Clever ways of preparing eggs are quite popular in Asia, and one example is South Korea’s tornado omelet. This dish is inspired by Japanese omurice, an omelet filled with or on top of fried rice, which was introduced to Korea in the 1900s, and has since evolved into a "twisty" flat yet soft omelet on top of a small mountain of fried rice.
To make this dish, whisk eggs thoroughly, season with salt and pepper, and pour them into a small, oiled non-stick pan in a thin layer. Use chopsticks on opposite sides of the omelet to drag liquid egg into the center, then rotate the chopsticks one way while rotating the skillet the other way to form the signature tornado shape on the omelet's surface.
Slide the finished omelet onto the bed of fried rice with chopped vegetables and meat (often pork), seasoned with soy or Worcestershire sauce and a drizzle of ketchup. For the right texture, it is advisable to remove the eggs before they are cooked through, as they will continue to cook once removed from the pan due to residual heat.