Cuts of raw steak on a black background
Kombucha Is The Secret To A Flavorful And Tender Steak
To get a delicious steak that falls off the bone, use kombucha. Kombucha is low on the pH scale, which means it’s acidic, and acid is known to soften meat.
Steeping a steak in the fermented drink for a few hours will result in a juicier steak. Don’t leave it sitting for more than 24 hours, or else it’ll be too soft or chewy.
Store-bought kombucha tends to come pre-flavored, so it can be used by itself or combined with other ingredients. Strawberry kombucha would wield a sweet, punchy steak.
Different kombucha flavors bring in different flavor profiles. Try ginger, mint and lime, turmeric, or an apple-based kombucha for an exceptionally tender and delicious steak.