Sausage kolaches piled together on a plate
Kolaches, The Czech Pastry Texans Absolutely Adore
Many Czech immigrants settled on the Texan plains in the 19th century, and a pastry called kolaches also made a home there. They're now a staple in eateries across the state.
Kolaches originated in the Czech Republic centuries ago as fruit tart-like treats filled with farmer's cheese, fruit, and poppy seeds. However, Texan kolaches are filled with pork.
This savory rendition, referred to as klobasnek, is a uniquely Czech-Texan creation that began in kolache bakeries in Central Texas, where bakers adapted the treat to local tastes.
Bakers offered locals satiating cheese and pork-stuffed buns that were less tart-like and more like pigs in a blanket. The pastries soon exploded in popularity across the state.
Stuffed with everything from brisket to boudin, they're now a convenience store staple. Today, especially around the town of West, generational Czech bakers continue to make them.
Texan kolache dough is made by heating milk and pouring it into a bowl with yeast, salt, sugar, flour, and sometimes an egg. It's then kneaded and rested for up to an hour.
The dough is rolled out and divided into disks, then the filling is added. Pork sausage, cheddar cheese, and jalapeños are an esteemed Texan combo.
Some bakers make vegetarian sauerkraut and cheese kolaches, while others break tradition completely and use fillings like chicken enchilada or Nutella and banana.