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King Charles' Martini Ritual Is So Important He Travels With A Special Glass
A long day of work is enough to stress anyone out, but imagine how stressed you would be if your job was as the 62nd British monarch, like King Charles III. Just like many of us, King Charles enjoys relaxing after a long day with a nice cocktail, and the King has a very specific ritual to unwind in the evening.
According to Hungarian Count Tibor Kálnoky, a distant relative of the king, “[King Charles] likes a martini before dinner, that’s for sure,” which has been echoed by Paul Feig, owner of Brilliant London Dry Gin. However, King Charles’ doesn't like just any martini; his drink of choice is a 50/50 martini — half gin and half dry vermouth.
Aside from his 50/50 martini, in the book “The Palace Papers: Inside the House of Windsor,” author Tina Brown reports that King Charles has a ritual when it comes to his evening drink. In fact, when traveling he attends dinner “with a ‘pre-mixed martini’” which is then “served in his own glass" that he travels with.