Kimchi in bowl
Kimchi Butter Can Totally Transform Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Kimchi can transform roasted sweet potatoes into a Korean snack food bursting with flavor, and making a kimchi compound butter can elevate this food even more.
A kimchi compound butter perfectly balances the spicy, tangy, umami flavors of kimchi with rich, creamy butter to enhance the earthy sweetness of sweet potatoes.
Along with packing flavor, the dish packs a lot of nutrition thanks to the fiber, antioxidants, prebiotics, beta-carotene, and probiotics found in sweet potatoes and kimchi.
To make it, blend a stick of softened butter in a blender or food processor with ½ cup of kimchi, a teaspoon of kimchi brine, salt, and sesame oil.
Once blended, place the compound butter in the fridge to set, and then slather it on baked sweet potatoes, particularly Korean sweet potatoes noted for their chestnut flavors.