Keto-Friendly Fast Food Options That Won't Ruin
Your Diet
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A Dave's Single is a keto-friendly meal that's around 5% carbs, and the Dave's Double is only about 4% carbs, as long as you order them with no bun, onions, or ketchup. The Baconator (minus the bun) is also a great choice if you want more toppings, since you can have it with avocado, tomato, and pickles.
Believe it or not, there are keto-friendly options at Subway, including salads and protein bowls. Just make sure to check the fat, protein, and carb count on a particular item before you add it to your salad or bowl.
Taco Bell
Dietician Carissa Galloway has explained, "Keto eaters have it pretty rough at Taco Bell because they can't have rice, they can't have beans, and they can't have tortilla wraps or taco shells." However, Galloway and fellow dietician Jessica Cording both say ordering a Power Menu Bowl without rice can help you create a keto-friendly meal.
Burger King
Items like the Whopper with Cheese, the Double Whopper with Cheese, and the Whopper Jr. can be keto-friendly, as long as you order them without a bun and skip condiments like sauce and ketchup. If just a burger isn't enough flavor, toppings like lettuce, tomato, and pickles are all fine under the keto diet.
Arby's menu is all about sandwiches, which can be an issue for a keto dieter looking to cut out bread. However, if you order items like the Corned Beef Reuben or the Half Pound Beef N' Cheddar without the bun, you can still enjoy a meal at Arby's without ruining your keto carb count.