Open bottle of hot sauce surrounded by heads of garlic and chiles
Keep This Soaking Tip In Mind When Making Homemade Hot Sauce
Soaking the chiles in a vinegar and salt or vinegar and sugar solution when making homemade hot sauce is a crucial step that pickles the peppers and tempers their heat.
Soak anywhere between 12 hours and a week to tenderize fresh chilis or rehydrate dried chilis, add tangy vibrant notes, and develop the flavors of the chili peppers.
You can then transfer the pickled chilis and liquid to a saucepan to simmer, further developing the sweet, tangy, and spicy flavors before blending into a velvety hot sauce.
Add aromatics like shallots, onions, or garlic to the pickling solution for more flavor. This foundation will extend hot sauce's shelf life for up to three months in the fridge.