Wrapped butter on a wooden board.
Keep Bread Soft With The Butter Wrappers You're Always Tossing Out
If you have been having trouble keeping your bread soft, stick butter wrappers to the exposed ends of your bread loaves, and your bread will stay moist for longer.
You want to use room-temperature wrappers that are soft and sticky so they can cling to the exposed surface of the bread, creating a seal that traps moisture.
Food influencer Joy Huang casually displayed this trick on Instagram and suggested letting a stick of butter rest at room temperature before peeling it off.
This hack allows you to get all the moisture retention of a plastic bag and the mold-resistant airflow of a paper or cotton wrapping.
For the best results, reserve this trick for already buttery and moist loaves of bread, and find different hacks for artisanal and hard-crusted loaves.