Roasted red peppers on a plate next to fresh bell peppers
Keep A Jar Of Roasted Red Peppers On Hand For Numerous Quick And Delicious Meals
While most of us keep go-to items like tuna and canned beans in the pantry, a jar of roasted red peppers can be a perfect ingredient to create flavorful soups, dips, and meals.
Jarred, roasted red peppers begin as bell peppers that are charred, peeled, and packed in a salty brine. Their seeds and stems are also removed, saving you time in the kitchen.
One of the best uses for the peppers is on a sandwich, where their earthy, smoky flavor is sure to accentuate sliced turkey, roast beef, tuna salad, or even grilled cheese.
Likewise, they make an excellent addition to charcuterie boards, as a cocktail garnish with olives, blended with mayo for a dip, or as the base for Romesco sauce.
If you want to get more creative, add them to soups like tomato or minestrone, lasagna, pizza, and spaghetti sauce, or blend them with olives to create a tapenade.