Potato boules baking in the oven
Kartoffelbrot Is The German Bread That Gives New Life To Mashed Potatoes
German Kartoffelbrot, a marriage of Old and New World traditions, is a soft and fluffy bread with a crispy crust that brings new life to mashed potatoes.
A basic recipe consists of yeast, oil, and equal parts mashed potatoes and flour blended and kneaded into a boule and left to rise for two separate 30-minute periods before baking.
The mashed potatoes are key to the bread's soft and fluffy consistency. The water used to boil the potatoes also plays a role, as it's reserved to prove the yeast.
The key to achieving a crunchy exterior on your potato loaf is steam. A quick steam during the first five minutes of the baking process is all it takes.
To steam, either spray the oven's sides with water for the first five minutes or place a pan of boiling water under the rack where you've set the bread for five minutes.