Kalua pork with cabbage and salad
Kalua Pork Is The Juicy Hawaiian Meat That's Ideal For Sandwiches
Kalua pork is a smoky, tender meat that’s typically shredded and served with white rice and Hawaiian macaroni salad. You can also try it in a delicious sandwich with coleslaw.
Kalua pork is usually roasted in an underground imu oven for eight hours, but you can just roast it at a low temperature in an oven or in a slow cooker.
Use pork butt or pork shoulder, and season it with salt and liquid smoke to make up for the lack of real smoke flavors from the traditional cooking method.
Cook the pork for up to 10 hours, depending on the recipe. Some variations also add soy sauce, other seasonings like garlic salt, or a barbecue sauce with Asian-inspired flavors.
For the bread, King’s Hawaiian buns are great because the sweet bread pairs well with the smoky, roasted pork. A potato bun is also a good alternative, or you can make sliders.
You don’t need sauce with this pork because it’ll be moist and delicious on its own. If you must have condiments, spicy mustard or creamy mayonnaise complement the dish’s flavors.
Coleslaw is a delicious option to add a creamy, crunchy texture. Throw in crushed pineapple for a more authentic Hawaiian flavor, or kimchi for added umami in every bite.