A pan of beef stew
Kalops Is The Hearty Swedish Beef Stew Intended For Chilly Nights
Kalops, a Swedish stew, is similar to other beef stew recipes, using beef, broth, carrots, potatoes, and parsley. However, kalops switches it up with allspice and pickled beets.
The dish is likely tied to the Vikings, and has been documented as early as the 18th century. It remains a staple in Sweden, with some recipes using meats like reindeer or elk.
Kalops uses whole allspice berries to give the stew a rich warmth that livens up the other flavors. Pickled beets are served on the side for acidity and a sweet earthiness.
To make kalops, sear the beef and vegetables in a pot, add the flavorings and other ingredients, cover everything in the broth, and simmer for several hours.
The stew gets more satisfying heft from the classic side dishes of beets and boiled potatoes. This comforting dish will keep you warm on the chilliest winter nights.