Bowl of potato salad with parsley, bacon, and mayo
Just A Few Extra Ingredients Give Potato Salad A Tex-Mex Twist
To give your potato salad a Tex-Mex flair, add ingredients like cheddar jack cheese, tortilla chips, red chili sauce, ground beef, pinto beans, rice, sour cream, and taco shells.
Or, take a cue from dishes like steak fajitas and add black beans, corn, red and green bell peppers, red onion, parsley, pickled jalapeños, guacamole, salsa, and cotija cheese.
Instead of regular mild, creamy mayonnaise, you could also give your potato salad some Tex-Mex tang with equal parts mayo and sour cream as the binding agent.
Add Tex-Mex inspired seasonings like garlic and chili powder, paprika, packaged taco seasoning, and cumin. You could also include cilantro, lime juice, garlic, and sea salt.