Chef Julia Child posing w. assorted rolling pins.    (Photo by Lee Lockwood/Getty Images)
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Julia Child's Tip For Perfect Poached Eggs
Julia Child was an accomplished chef with expertise in complex and precise kitchen maneuvers, but she also thrived at simple recipes. If you're just getting your feet wet when it comes to cooking and want to look to Child for inspiration on a non-intimidating task, check out her tip for the perfect poached eggs.
There are countless ways of making poached eggs, but Child’s technique is both simple and achieves impeccable results. You likely already have everything you need, as it only takes water, a slotted spoon, eggs, a pin, and a timer.
Once you’ve boiled the water, take the pin and make a tiny hole in the eggshells to release any trapped air and prevent cracks. Next, boil the still-shelled egg for 10 seconds, using a slotted spoon. Once that's done, lower the water to a simmer and crack the eggs to poach as usual.