A portrait of the American chef Julia Child (1912 - 2004) shows her standing with a cut of meat in her kitchen, late 20th century. (Photo by Bachrach/Getty Images)
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Julia Child Was Deeply Enamored With This Costco Specialty
Julia Child was known for making the world of high-class, French cooking accessible to the average, American home chef, and like her unpretentious approach to cooking, Child had a down-to-earth approach to food. Thus, it’s no surprise that Child was a fan of Costco, and there’s one item in particular that the cook raved about.
Like many other Costco shoppers, Julia Child was a fan of the store’s hot dog combo. She would reportedly order one every time she went shopping there, and according to the New York Times, she loved it “as much as a fine French meal.” More than that, Child thought Costco had the best meat selection in town, so her visits were fairly frequent.
Aside from frequenting the Costco food court, Child was also a regular at In-N-Out and a local taqueria near her Santa Barbara home, La Super-Rica taqueria. Child was a fan of simple food cooked well, and although she made French cooking available to the masses, she also proved that good food doesn’t have to be fancy.