Josephinas served on a plate
Josephinas Are The Toasty Treat With Ample Cheesy Flavors
A tasty bite-sized appetizer, Josephinas are slices of French baguette spread with a creamy, cheesy topping and broiled to crispy and melty perfection.
The topping uses garlic, mayonnaise, butter, Monterey Jack cheese, and green chilies to deliver a savory creaminess with a zesty layer of spice.
The bread is crunchy, while the topping forms a soft, melted layer on top of the chewy, buttery crumb. Josephinas are most popular in the Southwest and Midwest United States.
To make Josephinas, mix room temperature butter with the other topping ingredients. Refrigerate the mixture for a few hours, so the topping won't overflow when broiled.
Spread on baguette slices, broil, and enjoy. You can also refrigerate assembled Josephinas on baking pans and broil just before serving, making a great make-ahead appetizer.
You can use different cheeses and seasonings in the topping. Try mozzarella, parmesan, pickled jalapeños and chopped chipotles, corn kernels, or roasted red peppers.