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José Andrés' Potato Swap For A Faster Tortilla Española
If you recognize the name José Andrés, you know that it's synonymous with Spanish food; the celebrity chef has spent his career showcasing his culinary heritage in his many restaurants. The Spanish tortilla is one of the country's most popular dishes, and Andrés knows how to make one in much less time than it usually takes.
The classic version of Spanish tortilla is an omelet made with nothing but olive oil, potatoes, eggs, and salt, but it takes quite a while to make, from slicing all the potatoes very thinly to letting the thick layered omelet set in the pan. As a shortcut, Andrés suggests that you grab a bag of olive-oil fried potato chips and skip all the slicing.
Andrés' recipe says that all you have to do is fold the chips into beaten eggs and let the mixture stand for five minutes to allow the chips to rehydrate. Then, add the mixture to an oiled pan and cook the omelet for about two minutes total, and you'll be ready to tuck into a warm Spanish tortilla — no knife skills or patience required.