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José Andrés' Go-To Canned Bean Brand
During the height of pandemic quarantine in 2020, celebrity chef José Andrés spoke to Food & Wine about making use of food items that might otherwise go to waste in such pressing times. Among Andrés' go-to pantry staples are preserved beans, and he has a favorite brand that draws from his Spanish background.
Andrés told Food & Wine, "The best canned beans are actually in a jar. Conservas Rosara is one of my favorite brands these days. In Spain, the very best vegetables are preserved at their peak, so you can get incredible beans in a jar — garbanzos, Judión, alubias, pochas, fabes [...] All from Navarra in the Basque region."
Located in the northern region of Spain, the Conservas Rosara company takes pride in the quality of its additive-free products, with its website stating that “It is not enough to select the best fruits of the earth, the elaboration is very important.” Online orders for items like red beans from La Rioja (called Caparrones) are available.