Chef Jamie Oliver signing books
Jamie Oliver's Flavor-Filled Hack For Baked Chicken And Rice
Chef Jamie Oliver is known for making simple yet delicious food, and the "Naked Chef" star’s baked chicken and rice is packed with flavor thanks to one easy addition.
Coming from his 2022 cookbook "One: Simple One-Pan Wonders," Oliver’s one-pan chicken recipe features white miso for a distinctly rich umami flavor.
Oliver marinates the chicken overnight in a combination of miso, soy sauce, vinegar, and oil, but you can get away with coating the chicken in the mixture right before baking.
Since a single pan is used for marinating and searing the chicken, cooking the rice, and finishing the whole thing off in the oven, not one drop of flavor escapes the dish.
You can alter the recipe by substituting in pork chops, using different veggies, or adding soy sauce, sesame oil, or teriyaki sauce to the simple and delicious marinade.