Jacques Pépin boiling eggs on a stovetop
Jacques Pépin's Trick For Perfect Boiled Eggs Includes A Thumbtack
Chef Jacques Pépin's unconventional approach to perfect hard-boiled eggs involves carefully puncturing the larger, round end of each egg with a thumbtack or pushpin.
This method prevents egg whites from turning rubbery and egg shells from cracking, ensuring consistently flawless results, as the chef describes in his book "Essential Pépin."
A small hole allows air inside the eggs to escape upon contact with hot water, relieving pressure and establishing equilibrium as the eggs' insides warm up and expand.
Piercing eggs with a thumbtack also ensures a round shape, especially for older eggs that have more air inside the shell. It also helps you peel off the egg shells with ease.
Additionally, Pépin suggests using barely boiling water to cook the eggs, which can prevent rubbery egg whites caused by proteins bonding under high heat.