Chef Jacques Pépin at the Daytime Emmy Awards
Jacques Pépin's Ideal Last Meal Would Only Feature 2 Basic Ingredients
An ideal last meal would probably include the foods and dining companions that made your life special, as is the case for chef Jacques Pépin’s ideal two-ingredient last meal.
In a 2015 interview with the legendary Anthony Bourdain, Pépin revealed that his ideal last meal would simply include a good baguette and butter from Brittany, France.
Pépin later elaborated, saying he would like to have a “very, very, very, very” long meal with all of his friends and relations, both living and deceased, in attendance.
In Melanie Dunea’s book "My Last Supper,” Pépin said he'd also like oysters, jamon Iberíco, caviar, eggs, lobster rolls, pâté, hot dogs, cherries, and champagne.