Soufflé with orange slices
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Jacques Pépin’s Go-To Liqueur For His Signature Soufflé
Renowned chef Jacques Pépin has shown Americans that everyday French food is simpler than you'd think, but tastes extraordinary because of the careful use of fresh, flavorful ingredients. He definitely knows his way around a perfect soufflé, and adds extra flair to his sweet dessert soufflés with a bit of traditional French booze.
In a soufflé recipe that he's used since 1978, Pépin incorporates crème pâtissèrie into whipped egg whites with orange zest and Grand Marnier, an orange-flavored cognac liqueur. Much of the alcohol will evaporate in the oven, but the grown-up, bitter orange flavor will remain, making for a truly wonderful dessert to end a special meal.
Like many sweet soufflés, Pépin serves his special dessert with a dusting of powdered sugar, but you could also add some freshly whipped cream or maybe a little vanilla ice cream. However you serve it, make sure it arrives to the table ASAP, as the soufflé will deflate rather quickly once it’s removed from the oven.