MADISON, CONN. - SEPTEMBER 1: Jacques Pépin poses for a portrait at his home kitchen in Madison, Connecticut on September 1, 2022. His 14th book, Jacques Pépin Art Of The Chicken: A Master Chef's Recipes and Stories of the Humble Bird, featuring his watercolors of the bird, will be published in late September. (Photo by Yehyun Kim for The Washington Post via Getty Images)
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Jacques Pepin's Go-To Cut Of Beef For Stew
When making a stew, it's essential to choose a cut of meat with fat and connective tissue that can stand up to long cooking and create a gelatin-rich consistency for the broth.
While some cooks prefer to use round cuts of beef or oxtails, world-renowned chef Jacques Pépin likes to use tougher cuts of meat like flatiron, AKA chuck.
This well-marbled cut is taken from the shoulder of the cow, and when slow-cooked in low heat, it becomes tender and juicy, making it the perfect addition to your stew.
Other cuts like sirloin taste incredible when you braise it for a shorter time, but it doesn't break down well in a stew and instead can become tough or dry.
In contrast, flatiron or chuck meat has a medium level of fat content and connective tissue that turns into gelatin when cooked, for perfectly tender pieces that are easy to bite into.