Bottle of Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey in a bucket of ice
Jack Daniel's Vs George Dickel: How The Top Tennessee Whiskeys Differ
While Jack Daniel's and George Dickel are like two peas in a whiskey pod, they have distinct differences in production volume, price, and a slight difference in mash bills.
Jack Daniels follows a 2013 state law requiring the use of the Lincoln County Process, which filters spirits through sugar maple charcoal before maturing in charred oak barrels.
This results in a smoother, mellower flavor. It now offers a single-barrel collection as well as flavored whiskeys such as Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, Fire, and Apple.
George Dickel adheres to core whiskey-making elements that define the spirit. Their line includes varieties of Tennessee whiskey, and they also have Dickel Bourbon.
George Dickel 9-year Tennessee whiskey includes more corn, at 84%, than the Jack Daniels no. 7 at 80%, resulting in tasting notes that are slightly sweeter and more mellow.
Both share characteristics from caramel to oak and black pepper. Dickel is known for a smokey finish with hints of maple, while Jack has a charcoal aftertaste and spicy finish.