Fried eggs in a skillet against a wooden backdrop.
J. Kenji López-Alt's Easy Method To Cook Fried Eggs Swiftly
Chef J. Kenji López-Alt is known for his scientific approach to cooking. Even when making simple fried eggs, he changes it up with a basting technique that ensures perfect results.
To make eggs that are crisp and really taste like they're fried, López-Alt uses high heat, plenty of oil, and a pan that can handle high temperatures, such as cast iron.
A hot pan with pre-heated oil sears the bottoms of the eggs and creates a crunchy patchwork of lacy egg whites. López-Alt spoons excess oil over top of the eggs as they cook.
A challenge with fried eggs is uneven cooking, as the bottom can be overcooked before the tops are set. The basting method applies heat to both sides so the eggs cook quickly.
The key to oil-basted eggs is to use more oil than you'd expect so the eggs don't stick to the pan. López-Alt uses 3 tablespoons for every two eggs cooked in a 10-inch pan.
You’ll also want to carefully tip the pan while the eggs are frying, which pools the oil into a small well that you can scoop from to baste the top of the eggs.