Grating Ginger, Yellow Background
It's Worth Ditching Your Microplane For Ginger Graters
A microplane is ideal for zesting lemon, shredding parmesan, or mincing garlic. However, a more specialized tool is better for grating ginger.
Ginger graters are made for effectively mincing the irregularly-shaped root. They come in more than one design, one of which is a rounded ceramic dish with dull teeth in the center.
Ceramic ginger graters have circular walls and raised centers that catch ginger fibers on the teeth and move the juice and purée to the outer edges.
A stainless-steel ginger grater is also ideal, as the flat surface is easy to press down on and move quickly while keeping your fingers safe.
Ginger graters are easy to clean since the surfaces can be easily wiped down, one's fingers can scrape out any excess ginger, and they are dishwasher safe.
These handy tools don't have to be reserved for mincing ginger. They also work well when grating garlic cloves, achieving fine chocolate shavings, or shredding hard cheeses.