A closeup of green cocktail with lemon slice and cigar smoking on light bar
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It's Time To Start Wood-Smoking Your Cocktails
Smoky-tasting alcohol is nothing new, but some drinkers just can't get behind earthy peated whisky, one of the most common smoky spirits. Luckily, you can add smoky flavor to any cocktail you like by wood-smoking it at home, and you can even burn other ingredients along with your wood to influence the flavor of the smoke.
One basic is smoke-rinsing, in which you make a small bonfire out of your chosen wood, plus other ingredients you want to burn to add aroma and flavor, and flip a pre-chilled glass over the whole thing so the smoke infuses the glass. Try burning cherries with cherry wood, apple wood with apples, or just use pecan wood to add nuttiness.
The easiest method for wood-smoking is to simply use a smoking gun, which works well with tropical fruits such as mangos and pineapples to add a hint of smoke to your drink. You should also try burning or smoking spices and seasonings like cinnamon, vanilla beans, salt, and rosemary, or ingredients like citrus peels and bitters.