Churros and coffee on black surface
It's Time To Begin Putting Churro Dough In Your Waffle Maker
If you’re craving breakfast in the evening, try combining breakfast and dessert by cooking churros in a waffle maker for a waffle-esque treat that's just a bit more indulgent.
Churros are traditionally made with choux pastry that is piped out to give them their iconic stick shape, then they're deep fried and rolled in cinnamon sugar.
Churro waffles make churros extra crisp with more surface area for toppings, while avoiding frying them in a ton of oil. An oily taste can undermine the cinnamon sugar coating.
Start by making choux pastry or use store-bought, and place it in a waffle iron to cook. Cook it longer than regular waffle batter, since it has a thick, sticky consistency.
You’ll also have to pay attention to the temperature of your iron. Heat that's too high can create a churro waffle that starts to scorch on the outside while the inside is still raw.
Once the dough starts steaming, it should be done. Top your waffled churros with butter, cinnamon sugar, and extras like nuts, fruit, caramel, chocolate sauce, or whipped cream.