Several whole pies including pumpkin and pecan
It's Time To Begin Adding Whiskey To Your Homemade Pie Crust
Professional bakers often keep alcohol in their kitchens for use in all sorts of recipes, including cake glazes, dessert sauces, and more surprisingly, pie crust.
Adding booze that contains at least 40% ABV to pie dough can inhibit gluten formation. Gluten can make pie crust dense and chewy, so less of it results in a more flaky texture.
Whiskey works particularly well in a crust. Just add a splash to the dough before kneading to create a better texture, with only the lightest flavor of the liquor left behind.
Use the alcohol in place of water or milk in your pie crust. Add the liquid gradually, kneading in a little bit at a time, as adding it all at once can make the dough too sticky.
If your dough still ends up hard to worth with, chill it in the fridge before continuing to knead. In a pinch, vodka, rum, or even brandy will also create a flaky and tender crust.