As summer unrolls and barbecued potlucks begin to get organized, grillers everywhere have a crucial choice to make — to grill with gas or propane this year. Truthfully, both options are viable cooking methods and are safe if handled appropriately, but they are also very different and have qualities that are uniquely their own.
Natural gas is quite a bit cheaper than propane, as many houses will have a mainline that provides gas to things like your stovetop, and it is considered slightly safer, because it dissipates in the atmosphere a bit quicker than propane. However, while the gas itself is cheaper, installing a connection to your grill could cost quite a bit of money, and you sacrifice the ability to move the grill after that.
The major benefits of propane are portability, fuel efficiency, and a cleaner burn, as it releases fewer carbon emissions than propane. Additionally, a nice "safety feature" of propane is its extremely high ignition temperature of 920 degrees Fahrenheit, which ensures you will only set fire to things you intend to.