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It's Perfectly Okay To Cook With Boxed Wine
Boxed wine is a great, affordable option if you want to serve some red, white, or rosé at a get-together. Its airtight packaging makes the wine last longer, and drinkers are evidently satisfied with the taste, since boxed wine sales went up 13.5% percent in 2020 (per Market Watch), but you may wonder if you can cook with this kind of wine.
A good rule is to only cook with wine that you'd happily taste all by itself, so a nice boxed wine works just fine. Boxed wine may even be a better choice for recipes that call for a lot of wine, so you won't have to use a whole bottle of expensive vino in your sauce or stew, which feels like pouring your money into a pot and watching it fizzle away.
Also, don't worry about getting tipsy when cooking with wine, since most of the alcohol will burn off from the heat and leave only its concentrated flavors behind. Even renowned chefs like Martha Stewart prefer to use boxed wine in some of their recipes, so you’re sure to find success while also saving a lot of cash by taking this "shortcut."